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Today is a BIG day at Farm 1849!

Phase ONE of our future event space is well under way, but TODAY, we broke ground on the parking lot! This means we get to move dirt all over the property. Over the last month, we have been creating and prepping the landscaping plan for the FarmHouse and the outdoor event spaces. This involves a lot of digging and the use of earthmovers (Trevor's favorite part). We have harvested huge boulders and tons (literally) of field stone from our property to disburse in various areas of this gorgeous land. The idea is to use what we have so our landscaping looks as if it has always been here. So, today, the dirt goes in, filling in the space around the new Cedar Pergola, creating berms around the open air courtyard, weddings walk, and defining the space for the large fire pit. Once the dirt is in, we can begin laying compost, planting and laying mulch.

Farm 1849 sits on a hill with beautiful views in every direction. We are on a very quiet country road, so when you are here, you truly feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. We are excited to share our Farm with you this summer.

We wish you health and peace during this time at home. Let's all do our part to keep our communities healthy so we can have a great summer and fall in Wisconsin!


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