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What do you do with an empty pole barn?

You build a PERGOLA!

In early May, my girlfriends came to the farm to visit and have a birthday celebration. As we were walking through the property, I shared our vision for the future event spaces inside and out. We came to the empty pole barn that I'm sure was very useful in it's day, but in the new chapter of the farm, it steals the show from the main attraction...the big beautiful red barn. As we stood inside, looking at the simple

wood frame and metal structure, someone said, "you should take the metal off and leave the wood frame." We all agreed that it would look very cool with string lights and some furniture. Later that week, I shared the vision with my husband and we started daydreaming about the plan for that old metal rectangle.

We started talking with carpenters, friends, and family and decided to dismantle the barn piece by piece. We learned that you need a cherry picker and many other tools and equipment to complete the job....I draw the line at purchasing smaller tools like power sanders. Enter our new neighbors and now friends, John, Julie and their son Jimmy...they have a thriving word working business and brought all the talent, knowledge and equipment we needed to complete the job. We gathered a group of handy friends and after a long weekend of hard work, the pole barn was no longer...leaving behind a concrete pad that was ready for a beautiful new life as the floor of a pergola.

We worked with John and Julie to decide on the structure and design for the pergola, based on how we would use the space. The outdoor event spaces at Farm 1849 are surrounded with miles of views, which make the pergola the perfect place to relax and take it all in. It is connected to the space we have lovingly named the "beer garden" since the property was owned by a German family for over 75 years. After the construction of the event barn is complete, the pergola will serve as a bridge from the milking parlor to the beer garden, which will be a beautiful transition from indoors to out.

The winter came before we could complete the pergola, but the pictures show the main structure. Our wonderful friend, Jim, built 3 beautiful farm tables which we will use on the west side of the pergola. We plan to have lounge seating and gas fire pits lining the east side of the space. The finishing touches will include landscaping and lighting that will highlight the space without distracting from the beautiful views and the star filled skies. In spring 2020, the pergola will be ready for events...We look forward to seeing you there!

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