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Learning how to move the land...

In the midst of all the challenges our world is currently facing , we have decided to hunker down at the Farm for a few weeks so we can maintain social distancing, but also get some work done. After all, a hard days work is good for the soul.

With a focus on finalizing the outdoor event spaces for “potential” use this summer (prayers that we all recover and heal from this Virus), we are moving the land around to help better define the gathering spaces we have created. We have plans to create berms, add trees and other plants, use field stones, clear out overgrown vegetation and use lighting to cozy up the outdoor areas.

We are learning how to use land-moving equipment and are excited to design and beautify the outdoor spaces at Farm 1849 for your future enjoyment.

And....we have a new ”nephew”! His name is Hugo...see the last picture. Glenwood hasn’t warmed up to him yet, but they are slowly figuring each other out.

Stay healthy and take care of yourselves and your families.

Farm 1849

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