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Glenwood Seminole Pachis...our mascot.

On Labor Day 2014, Glenwood entered our lives. He was born on a five acre property in Ohio and at 20lbs at 9 weeks, he was a crazy cute fur ball. Glenwood grew fast and spent a lot of time sleeping during his puppy months...growing takes a lot of energy. He proved to be a loyal member of our family as he sat in the boiling sun, wind and rain at baseball, soccer, and lacrosse games. He didn't seem to care, as long as he was with his pack.

Glenwood is now a playful and fun 110lb Bernese Mountain Dog and he loves to do whatever we do.

When we moved into Farm 1849 in March, there was almost 2 feet of snow on the ground. Glenwood took it upon himself to happily lay in the snow and manage the moving process, watching each person carry furniture into the house. As time went on, he became the manager of all projects at the farm, and has proven that he has no interest in fleeing from our sides, even when his attention is distracted by a noise, scent in the air or sound from a neighboring farm animal.

The only issue we have encountered with Glenwood is leaving the farm. When it comes time to pack up the car and head back to Evanston, Glenwood tries to escape! He knows that if we put his leash and collar on, he has to walk directly to the car and it's over. However, if he escapes when someone opens to door while packing up the car, he is FREEEEEE and can taunt us for sometimes up to 45 minutes! This IS very frustrating, however, TWO can play at this game. We now have to "trick" turning off the car, going back inside the house, take our coats off and pretend that we are staying. Eventually he makes his was to the door, begging to come in. (You may be skeptical, but he has made his way to the door before, but if we have our coats on, he runs away.) It has become a dance between our family and Glenwood. Through this gesture, we have realized how much joy the farm has brought our furry boy. The running, working, playing in the snow or finding shade in a summer breeze, this is pure dog heaven for him...and for us to know how happy it makes him.

Enjoy the photos...Glenwood's full sense of pride and joy!

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