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FARM 1849


We value our vendor relationships and only select vendors that align with the style and quality of service that we offer at Farm 1849. Our preferred vendor list is growing, however, our goal is to make the vendor selection process easier for you, as there are many companies to choose from.


Each vendor below has worked at Farm 1849 in some capacity and is familiar with our facilities and level of service. You may select form our list or any outside vendors you wish. It is our recommendation that whoever you choose, the vendor tours the facility or has a meeting with us (the owners) prior to your event date in order to secure details and answer any questions they may have. We feel this added touch helps your event be the best it can be!



A wish, an event, becomes a memorable experience because we believe it’s always about the people. Rental company and event planning services. 



We provide a certain art and soul to spaces with the pieces we curate. We are here to make this as easy as possible. Save time & money. Save effort & Energy. With our simple process.

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