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Moving In...With Lots of Snow.

It was cold and slightly windy outside on the day we walked into the farmhouse as the new owners. There was a 2-3 foot base of snow as we walked up the shoveled sidewalk to the door. The key had a green piece of yarn connected to a wrinkled square of cardboard that read, “key for side door.” I put the key in the lock and turned it. In that moment I realized a new chapter had begun.

The farmhouse was empty. it was warm and quiet. The radiators were sightly tapping and the floors creaked as Glenwood and I took a moment to explore and enjoy the silence before the movers and painters arrived. I could see the vision that we had spent months planning...the furniture carefully chosen for each room to become a cozy space that our friends, family and guests would enjoy.

The moving truck pulled into the driveway...and It was go time! 7 hours later, my husband, the kids, and a handful of friends walked in the door to assemble beds, move furniture and open mattress boxes. We worked until everyone had a place to sleep and then we took a walk outside, in the snow, under the stars and made snow angels.

Great first day! Great night sleep!

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